CyberLab: IT-Accelerator from Karlsruhe 

In the CyberLab you can expect a real startup community in a network of over 1,200 companies mentoring by experienced entrepreneurs, personal coaching, a joint startup workspace in a castle with a brewery and 23 years of experience in the best IT and startup environment in Germany! 

As we are not driven by a corporate innovation strategy you don´t have to tie your business model to the accelerator’s interests. This means we won’t take your company shares.

CyberLab Accelerator Program
Scaling since 2013

CyberLab Accelerator Program
Scaling since 2013

Our Accelerator program is an intensive training for startups with focus in IT, Artificial Intelligence, IT Security and Smart Production with the goal to successfully master market entry, secure funding and scale.

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We want what you want: the success of your startup!  

Smart Production Park
The new IT Startup Founders Center in the southwest

Smart Production Park
The new IT Startup Founders Center in the southwest

The CyberLab grows around the Smart Production Park, a new startup center for startups in the field of smart production.
In the future, we will offer our startups 5400 m² of infrastructure in a castle with a brewery, including office and meeting rooms as well as the production hall "Werkstatt 10". Here, startups grow and experiment in a state-of-the-art environment.

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Apply now for our Accelerator Program

Next Start: 07th November 2022

Application deadline: 25.09.2022

Target group: Start-up teams with a focus on IT, AI, IT security or smart production

Duration: 3 months (with the option to extend up to 24 months)

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TeamUp: Your search for
the right co-founder starts here

TeamUp: Your search for
the right co-founder starts here

You have a business idea, a passion for IT, marketing, sales, design or other topics or simply want to be part of a startup? Then TeamUp is the right place for you!

Information about the next TeamUp:

Date & Time: tba

Venue: Online via Zoom

Participation fee: The event is free of charge

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Coworking Space im IT Security Club
Gib deinem Business das Büro, das es verdient

Coworking Space im IT Security Club
Gib deinem Business das Büro, das es verdient

Ihr wollt euch auf eure Arbeit konzentrieren, dabei rundum wohlfühlen und das bei vollem Service im Branchen Hub? 

Dann haben wir die perfekten Arbeitsplätze für euch! 
In Zusammenarbeit mit dem IT Security Club bieten wir euch ab sofort zentral gelegene Büros an. 

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Our Teams in CyberLab

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Das sagen unsere Alumni

Team and advisory board

Bild: David Hermanns
David Hermanns

Chief Executive Officer

+49 721.602 897-0

Bild: Daniel Karszt
Daniel Karszt

Head of CyberLab

+49 721.602 897-31

Bild: Oezer Kopdur
Oezer Kopdur

Investor Network

+49 721.602 897-50

Bild: Janina Scheerer
Janina Scheerer

Community Management

0721.602 897-705

Bild: Lukas Raffael Gromes
Lukas Raffael Gromes

Werkstudent CyberLab

0721.602 897-0

Bild: Michaela Stuchl
Michaela Stuchl


0721.602 897-703

Bild: Stefan Weichand
Stefan Weichand

Startup Consultant

0721.602 897-706

Bild: Arun Modhvadia
Arun Modhvadia

Werkstudent CyberLab

0721.602 897-707

Bild: Nicolai Droll
Nicolai Droll

Startup Consultant

0721.602 897-635

Bild: Lukas Wolter
Lukas Wolter

Junior Startup Consultant

0721.602 897-708

Bild: Dr. Joachim Bernecker
Dr. Joachim Bernecker

Business Angel

Bild: Anita Berres
Anita Berres

Berres Strategy Consulting

Bild: Sven Häwel
Sven Häwel

homeandsmart GmbH

meinKA Stadtportal GmbH

Bild: Andreas Hallwachs
Andreas Hallwachs

Executive Director SWK Novatec GmbH

Bild: Markus Hennig
Markus Hennig

Board member

Agile Partners GmbH

Bild: Dr. Friedrich Georg Hoepfner
Dr. Friedrich Georg Hoepfner

Hoepfner Strategie

Bild: Matthias Hornberger
Matthias Hornberger

Chairman of the board

CEO Kizoo Technology Capital GmbH

Bild: Martin Hubschneider
Martin Hubschneider

Board member

CAS Software AG

Bild: Dr. Jakob Karszt
Dr. Jakob Karszt

Business Angel

Bild: Antje Leminsky
Antje Leminsky

Board member

Bild: Dr. Oliver Mauss
Dr. Oliver Mauss

Investor, Mentor

Bild: Christian Roth
Christian Roth

Executive Director LEA Partners GmbH

Bild: Matthias Schürer
Matthias Schürer

Brauerbund Baden-Württemberg

Bild: Ralph Suikat
Ralph Suikat

Founder Fairantwortung gAG, Business Angel, Investor

Bild: Prof. Dr. Orestis Terzidis
Prof. Dr. Orestis Terzidis

EnTechnon (KIT)

How to find us:
The CyberLab in the Hoepfner Castle

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How to find us:
The CyberLab in the Hoepfner Castle

CyberForum e.V.

Haid-und-Neu-Straße 18
76131 Karlsruhe

T 0721.602 897-0
F 0721.602 897-99
Opening hours:from Monday untill Thursday between 8:00 and 17:00 hrs.
Friday between 8:00 and 15:00 hrs.



Funding and cooperation 







Wolfgang Grenke
Vice Chairman of the Board Grenke AG


Dr. Friedrich Georg Hoepfner
Executive Director Hoepfner Strategie

European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)   

The construction of the CyberLab Accelerator infrastructure is supported by the European Union, the State of Baden-Württemberg and the City of Karlsruhe within the framework of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) - Operational Programme Baden-Württemberg 2014-2020 "Innovation and Energy Turnaround".
The construction of the Accelerator creates the conditions for a state-wide centre for ICT startups, which will be visible as a beacon beyond the borders of Baden-Württemberg and will have a pulling effect on the best ICT founders and investors. Spin-offs from universities, research institutions and companies will receive comprehensive support in their early stages in the planned building in order to develop and implement marketable business models.
The project creates an attractive offer that opens up Karlsruhe's unique location advantages for a nationwide ICT accelerator in order to support outstanding high-tech founders.