CyberLab: IT-Accelerator

CyberLab is the IT accelerator for the State of Baden-Württemberg operated by CyberForum. Promising startups in the high-tech and IT industries receive tailored support here: with a mentoring programme which supports startups building up their business and an optimally furnished work environment. The founders work next door to CyberForum, which enables access to numerous companies and its own business angel network.

Use six months wisely

Fully committed people can achieve a lot in six months. CyberLab gives talented founders the chance to make their promising business idea ready for the market, secure their finances and incidentally make valuable contacts with experienced companies.


You will have the ideal working conditions in the CyberLab: workspace, internet and meeting rooms


Experienced mentors will support you with business issues, for example the business model


You will have access through the CyberForum to a network with 1,200 members in the digital industry

Shared Services

The CyberTeam will support you with marketing, press relations or sales.

Work under ideal conditions

The work stage in CyberLab lasts six months. It is possible to extend the stay for up to twelve months  The founders are supported in this stage by CyberLab project management who pass on their own experience of founding a company and entrepreneurial know-how.

CyberForum team will be by your side for organisational and administrative questions or PR matters for startups and will be just one door away.

Experience from the network

People settling in new territory have shaky foundations at first – whether this is when writing a business plan or designing a marketing strategy. 

Therefore, CyberLab has mentors who support founders in these very important early stages of business development – with valuable tips and assistance from many years of practice, because our mentors are experienced business people. 


Bild: Daniel Karszt
Daniel Karszt

Head of CyberL
+49 721.602 897-31

Bild: Christian Kurrle
Christian Kurrle

+49 721.602 897-52

Bild: Manuel Sicca
Manuel Sicca

+49 721.602 897-615

Bild: Oezer Kopdur
Oezer Kopdur

Head of Investor Network
+49 721.602 897-50

Bild: Michael Rausch
Michael Rausch

+49 177 5156777

Bild: Michel Yammine
Michel Yammine

+49 721.602 897-611

Bild: Michael Brauner
Michael Brauner