Hotshots: Our teams in the CyberLab


These teams are already in the CyberLab and are working passionately on their business models.

Innovation only works together.

Autonomy, enabling constraints and serendipity are key ingredients for effective innovation in collaborative settings in general. thing enables user autonomy in virtual meetings. It lets participants literally move their video avatar freely across a large virtual meeting space, find and engage other participants in conversations, re-group or leave at their own discretion. Ad-hoc conversations or facilitated, well-structured virtual meeting flows, it doesn't matter, both can be achieved in a very natural way. During virtual meetings our product will provide assisted facilitation with meeting flow control and coordination, so that facilitators can once again concentrate on group dynamics and lead the participants to better, more valuable outcomes. It will also assist during design or co-design of virtual workshops, so that even the occasional moderator can create engaging and valuable meetings.

Artificial intelligence for laboratory data

With the medicalvalues platform we support the medical diagnosis process for diseases like anemia, diabetes and fat metabolic illnesses through a combination of research knowledge, clinical guidelines and machine learning based on historical doctor’s decisions. The key differentiators of our platform are a combination of a decentral and central architecture allowing strict data protection and anonymization as well as cross-institutional knowledge sharing. In addition, we combine a validated knowledge graph with our machine learning technology to make our decision support system more accurate and explainable to the medical doctor. Our team consists of medical and IT experts – mainly located in Karlsruhe, but also Marburg and Berlin.

Askui - Write your UI tests like your todo list.

Askui contributes to the vision of a working digital world through an innovative UI test automation solution. Our test butler understands natural language test instructions and views interfaces like a human tester. State-of-the-art image recognition algorithms and Deep Learning enable user interfaces to be analyzed based solely by using screenshots. The smallest visual errors that cannot be found in the program code can thus be identified and corrected.

Germany's most popular bonus system

10er Karte is a German based e-commerce marketplace connecting customers with local merchants by offering quantity discounts and providing an easy to use payment solution on site. Based in Karlsruhe Germany, 10erKarte was founded in February 2020. The idea that eventually became 10er Karte was born out of the, in Germany well known payment and customer loyalty with the same name. The founders are simply using this well known payment and discounting method, digitizing the process and improving it with current technologies.

Visual knowledge management that scales

All the knowledge you need for your work is spread over a vast number of tools? You are not alone in this. The average mid-sized company has its knowledge spread over 50 different tools today. Now imagine you could use a google map to organize your work.The continents  are different topics or projects. The countries are the outline, and the single buildings are notes, pictures or files.And now imagine you could browse through all this content with high speed, like in a video game.This is Infinity Maps!Create a space for  big ideas. Give yourself and your colleagues the unique combination of overview and details, and regain control over difficult topics.
Infinity Maps - The Google Maps for your ideas!


Read the paid content of many newspapers with just one subscription.

You're annoyed by paywalls? So are we! Many people are willing to pay for journalism and still don't subscribe. Either because they don't want to commit themselves to a single medium given the great digital diversity or because they don't have the time to take full advantage of a subscription. We want to change this by enabling users to read the paid content of many newspapers with just one subscription. All our subscriptions offer full access to all content and differ from each other only in the number of articles that can be read each month. No matter if you are an occasional reader or a news addict - we got the right offer for you!

Software for data-based business model development

Ventecon develops software solutions for data-driven business model development that enables business developers and analysts as well as strategy consultants to optimize the alignment of a company within a business area.

Continuous intelligence

BlackForest AI delivers continuous intelligence leveraging streaming data to enhance real-time decision-making. As businesses require in-the-moment analysis of information as it flows in, we concentrate on artificial intelligence to give rise to advanced predictive analytics that can answer your business queries on the spot.
We are a data-driven platform helping you to be proactive with business events rather than reactive. Transform yourself to keep up with the constant influx of data and discover the power of our technology.

We are ModuGen – design. click. build.

Our vision is to simplify the planning process of multi-story timber housing projects.

ModuGen develops an intelligent assistant to support the structural engineer in his process from the architectural model to a validated structural design. By doing so, we speed up the planning and enable more of our future homes to be built from a renewable, carbon-storing resource: timber.

We are haas, happiness as a service.

We developed a feedback 2.0 tool helping organizations getting the "why" behind the feedback rating at scale. (We do this by offering a beautiful, playful and quick dialogue.)

Our hall of fame:
Meet our CyberLab alumni.

Our hall of fame:
Meet our CyberLab alumni.

These young businesses have already finished their training at CyberLab and are now continuing their success stories.

Cyber Security powered by Artificial Intelligence

More about Inlyse

inlyse is a cutting-edge AI-based IT security platform which identifies malware and cyber-attacks within seconds. While existing solutions solve just one problem at a time, our team has built a secure, useful, & easy-to-use product for everyone. It includes easy integration, management, and cloud access. Benefit from inlyse’s innovation capabilities and implement a solution which promise seamless security and compliance for your company.


Prediction of material properties

More about HQS Quantum Simulations

HQS Quantum Simulations develops algorithms for predicting molecular and material properties for the chemical, pharmaceutical and technology industries. The HQS algorithms can be used on conventional computers and new quantum computers and provide customers with a deeper understanding of materials and thus faster development cycles. 

Kolibri Games is a developer for mobile games. With the game Idle Miner Tycoon the company has already won millions of fans within a few months. Kolibri Games always focuses on the players and their satisfaction. The company's goal is to develop games that will delight and entertain players over a long period of time. With high technical standards and a vision to create something great, the team is working to achieve this goal.  


Annotated data for Machine Learning & Computer Vision

More about

The potential of machine learning is enormous, but there is one major weakness: machine learning requires several million specially prepared data as a basis. provides this annotated data through a combination of algorithmic, human and expert intelligence. The latest deep learning and computer vision algorithms and highly scalable cloud infrastructures are used for this purpose. The result is pixel-precise meta information on images and videos that serve as a training basis for machine learning algorithms. Only this data enables the use and verification of machine learning algorithms, for example in autonomous driving and in computer-aided surgery. 

Turns the car into a smartcar

More about PACE

Reach your destination safely and without any traffic jams, whilst saving fuel and money, help for breakdowns and emergencies and much more information: The PACE app makes car driving stress-free, cheaper and safer! Simply get the PACE Link and the free PACE App and thus connect the vehicle via Bluetooth with the smart phone and the digital world. Here is a selection of the features from PACE: automatic emergency call, the find-my-car function, traffic monitor, electronic mileage book and much more.


Artminds Robotics

ArtiMinds provides modular software which provides very different functionalities for the intuitive and partly automatic creation and execution of complex robotic arm movements in diverse robot arm use domains.



Campusjäger is a success-based online recruitment agency with a focus on students who are looking for practical placements, student trainee jobs or traineeships. Whilst companies can hand over the recruiting process for student employees to Campusjäger thus saving time and money, the students only have to register once to receive suitable job offers.



GoSilico accelerates the development of production processes for biopharmaceuticals with its simulation software. A computer model which delivers in seconds as opposed to days in the laboratory can be created with only a few experiments via the GoSilico technology. The technology pays: medicines for autoimmune diseases, cancer or Alzheimer’s can be placed on the market significantly faster and more economically.

Avenyou invites mobile shoppers to go window shopping, browse and discover. Users can find everything from home & living to outdoor equipment in the app in very different shops and boutiques. Every shop is an expert in its field and provides a special product selection. Customers can place their favourite shops in their personal shopping street and buy directly from them in the app.   

With Pitchview, sales reps can always access all important sales collateral (documents, data sheets, CAD files, ...). On tradeshows, new leads are captured with an OCR enabled business card scanner. The data is then enriched with additional information like revenue potential and buying intent. Relevant documents are sent in a personalized mail directly from the tradeshow. Employees at the booth and in the office can coordinate better through realtime synchronization. The captured data is consolidated in a backend and exported to existing CRM- and marketing automation systems.   

Discount campaigns and voucher portals are popular in the internet and easy to find. The discounts for the user are normally limited to remaining stock and certain items. collact has developed an innovative mobile App which allows the user to generate their own discounts – for their favorite products. With the help of the collact App the user is able to create his own advertisement. This advertisement will be shared worldwide through the user's social media channels. As soon as the advertisement has gained enough attention the user will be rewarded with an individual voucher code for his desired product. collact creates a win win situation for the collact user and seller.

MAPT is an interactive web application which supports professional knowledge workers such as tax or finance specialists, lawyers and medics in their daily work with complex issues. Users can navigate in a structured way from the specialist question to the solution and at the same time access relevant specialist content and case studies as well as networking and exchanging with other specialists.

R3DT has developed a collaborative virtual reality platform for industry and is working on making VR an everyday tool in companies. R3DT optimises the work processes in industry for the whole product life cycle by standardising and integrating VR/AR digitalisation solutions in company processes.

Papershift is a cloud software which makes rota planning simple and efficient for companies. Companies can make their rota online and then conveniently manage it anywhere. Employees can also be simply integrated. Thus, holiday planning, time recording and absence management also takes care of itself.  


At weddings there is a lot of eating and drinking, dancing and - very much photographed.  imiji has developed an online platform to collect the numerous images from the various image sources in an uncomplicated way and to manage them easily and securely in one place. The images can also be made available to wedding guests, for example. In doing so, imiji meets the German requirements for security and data protection. 

HD Vision Systems develops sensor systems and software for measuring and reconstructing objects and surfaces in 3D. HD Vision Systems is more robust when compared to current processes for shiny surfaces. This technology opens up completely new application possibilities for the user through its independence of the type of lighting and its high level of flexibility. Whether for in-line or at-line testing, photo-realistic modelling or robot vision, these are all based on modular software thus enabling the speedy development of new applications.

Connect with your customers in real time and immediately distinguish operating errors from software errors on the site - with coview you can see and recognize most problems on the spot and help the customer directly on his site. All sessions can be recorded seamlessly and with all important information, which makes communication between developers and support much easier. In contrast to previous solutions, there is no need to install software on the customer side.

mapmind provides an alternative visualization for list-based search results by means of an interactive and zoomable mind map. Based on metadata and semantic similarities, search results are clustered and presented with their dependencies to one another. This form of visualization provides the user all relevant results at a glance, which makes connections and relations between search results quickly understandable. With mapmind it is possible to explore large amounts of data exploratively down to the tiniest detail.

Nesto is a software solution enabling intelligent and demand-oriented staff planning. By using self-learning algorithms, Nesto automatically forecasts future staffing requirements by hour and uncovers over- and under-staffing already during scheduling. The integrated analysis of real-time sales data recognizes and alerts of upcoming staff shortages or over-staffings – before they even occur. Thus, Nesto enables its customers to optimize their staff utilisation and planning reliance.

To satisfy the user of a digital product, the focus must be more than ever on intuitive, seamless and fast user experience (UX). Usertimes helps to put the user at the center of product development - from evaluating an idea, testing a design or clickable prototype, to optimizing the usability of an existing product. Usertimes helps providers of digital products to involve their users in the agile development process in order to iteratively grind products and make them user-friendly. To this end, Usertimes automates techniques and methods from the field of user-centered design, tests the appropriate target group, and delivers findings to the customer in the form of a comprehensive interactive results report.

home-iX is a German B2B startup and specialized in enabling any industry or business to fully participate in the smart-x and IoT markets by offering a “Smart Living as a Service”-platform, solving interoperability problems between smart-x ecosystems by an adaptable, powerful framework with a unique integration approach into existing digital ecosystems. By partnering with home-iX, industries can launch their own customized, user-friendly B2C smart living solution with, for example, smart home or smart energy products for their own end consumer business to increase customer satisfaction by a smarter connected lifestyle.

The Bcon (Better Control) is a complementary game controller that can be used in parallel with mouse and keyboard. For performance and comfort oriented gamers, the wireless wearable provides an additional input channel for more interaction in the same time. Designed for use on the shoe or foot, the Bcon translates simple movements into configurable inputs and is compatible with all PC games that support keyboard control. The Gaming Wearable developed in the CyberLab by CapLab GmbH ended a successful crowdfunding campaign this year.

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The smart treatment of insect bites

More about Heat_It

Therefore we, Kamedi GmbH, are developing the heat_it, which uses heat for treatment. Plug the heat_it into your smartphone and select the appropriate settings in our app. Then press the heat_it on the affected skin area for a few seconds and the swelling and itching is immediately relieved. The heat_it is hardly bigger than a sugar cube and uses only about 0.2% battery per application.   

Handsfree Interaction

More about Kinemic

Kinemic GmbH brings hands-free and contactless gesture control and text input into industrial processes and closes the analog gap in digitization. A completely hands-free operation of various devices such as PC, Smartphone, Wearable or Augmented Reality glasses can be realized. Kinemic fits its own gesture control software into apps for industrial users, making processes more ergonomic, efficient, safe and easy to use. 

Secured mobile B2B messaging

More about BLACKPIN

Secured mobile B2B messaging with Blockchain based smart contracting.Made and hosted in Germany. The BLACKPIN app enables secure communication in an absolutely encrypted and closed system. With BLACKPIN, team members communicate with each other, exchange data and can archive them for up to 15 years. Our mobile messenger enables faster asynchronous exchange with colleagues, customers and partners. The communication is completely encrypted according to the AES256 standard and the data is archived based on certified highest medical German standards. All data is centrally located in Germany.

Clean Internet for families

More about Gardion

Gardion, for example, allows families to control who has access to what and when on the Internet, and the eleven-year-old son's smartphone should allow a maximum of one hour of online games and YouTube, but Spotify always between eight o'clock tomorrow and eight o'clock at night? Grandma has been given a tablet after all, but should she be protected - by arrangement - from the dark corners of the Internet? The architect who travels a lot with his laptop and is looking for a secure and filtered VPN? Gardion is the solution! 


Artificial intelligence will change the way we work. The Neohelden-team is convinced, that it can be changed for the better: With Neo, the digital assistant for business. Neo connects users with their software and tools by acting as a single and easy-to-use interface to various systems. Thus, Neo represents an orchestrator, steering tools and processes in the background. Complex software interactions, such as database queries, turn into intuitive questions: “What’s my budget?” – and Neo responds with a simple answer. Users can talk and write to Neo using a conversational interface (similar to a chatbot). You can think of Neo as Alexa or Siri, but for business.     

Renumics AI-assisted engineering

AI-assisted engineering

New methods of artificial intelligence (AI) will fundamentally change the way engineering software works. With the help of AI-based, application-specific applications, many engineering questions (How safe is my car? How hot will my computer get? How expensive is my injection molded part?) can be answered efficiently. This enables engineers not only to develop better products faster, but also to develop new business models in the field of digitized services. The Renumics platform enables experienced engineers to create such AI-based engineering applications and services and make them available to their colleagues and customers.      

Nestyu - Co-Living is the future.

Mehr über Nestyu

Unsere Generation Y/Z lebt zunehmend in Wohngemeinschaften. Wir ziehen öfter um, wollen nicht alleine leben und auch die Miete für eine eigene Wohnung ist uns nicht selten zu teuer. Damit wir uns aber wohlfühlen, müssen wir mit den richtigen Menschen zusammenleben. Aktuell ist jedoch die Suche nach einem passenden Mitbewohner oder einer passenden WG schwierig und mit sehr viel Aufwand verbunden. Mit Hilfe unserer Online-Plattform Nestyu kannst du weltweit, sicher und so einfach wie möglich, deine passenden Mitbewohner finden. Wir bieten euch ein Rund-um-Sorglos Paket an, vom Matching mit den richtigen Mitbewohnern, bis hin zur Unterzeichnung des Vertrags - natürlich online.   


Centralized working platform for commercial real estate financing

More about corefihub

The execution of a commercial real estate financing transaction is long, complex and demands a lot of sweat, time and money from everyone involved. With our digital workplace, we empower real estate companies and banks to process and manage their financing transactions more efficiently. corefihub brings together data, communication, processes and collaboration so that relevant insights can be gained more quickly, workflows optimized and better decisions made.

We enable the secure exchange of AI.

More about prenode

prenode develops artificial intelligence (AI) for companies, which supports them in making decisions and forecasts. We use innovative and novel technologies that allow the secure development of AI on distributed, cross-company data sets. We are therefore able to develop better AI and reduce the development and implementation time. Furthermore, we can guarantee data protection through a multi-layered security system.


Plan it like a coach!

More about BestFit

You're standing in the gym with no idea what to do? You are not alone. BestFit has the solution.With the BestFit - App you get an individual workout plan. Your training is focused on your goals and you enjoy a unique training experience. Right from the beginning BestFit is at your side and provides a digital training assistance, just like a personal trainer. Your optimal workout weight will be displayed, exercises will be adjusted automatically and in the statistics you see your development. 


Centralize, optimize and connect with three clicks

More about 40three

40three offers a solution for efficient catalog management. The cloud-based SaaS platform imports data from management applications such as ERP, Excel and other data sources. It enables salespeople, e-commerce managers and marketing to centrally manage product attributes, categories, professional translations, product images and files. Through automation and pipelines created directly via the interface, channels such as Amazon, idealo, Check24, shops, mobile applications and websites can be filled with just a few clicks with optimized product information. 


auvisus – Automated vision

More about auvisus

Two billion meals are collected manually every year in company restaurants in Germany. This not only leads to long waiting times for food guests, but also causes high costs for the operators. A solution must be found for communal catering that saves personnel costs and enables higher turnover during peak times.
auvisus enables automation of the checkout process through artificial intelligence in image processing. The tray is placed under the camera, the algorithm recognizes and classifies the dishes on the tray and the payment process is completed.


AI for agriculture

More about HelioPas

HelioPas AI uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help farmers and agricultural service providers identify risks more precisely and make informed decisions. From an altitude of 450 km, at night and in stormy weather, every agricultural field is observed daily. HelioPas AI's technology provides field accurate analysis and the most exact soil moisture data in the world based on satellite data. Various players in the agricultural sector benefit from the early detection of drought damage and moisture-related diseases such as fungal infestation. With the help of HelioPas AI's technology insurers can offer new, automated solutions, while farmers minimize crop risks cost-effectively in producing sufficient, healthy food sustainably.


Stories that life writes.

More about Meminto

"Life stories get revived with Meminto Stories. From a personally generated question bank, users of Meminto get a new question every week, regarding their life or the growing up process of their children. These questions can be answered by writing text, uploading images and even videos (augmented reality) . After a short period of time, we'll create a precious book out of all the stories, as a memory or gift. See the explainer video for Meminto Stories and Meminto Stories for Kids."


Your selfcoaching app

More about evoach

Business-Coaching is expensive and time consuming. Therefore only employees in middle or upper management levels get access to business-coaching through their employers. With our web-based self coaching app we enable employers to offer coaching to all employees guaranteeing the same quality standards for all any time offering transparent cost structures. The users are guided through different solution-oriented coaching processes and tools depending on their overall topic. They are working on their personal solution and are defining and sheduling next steps.