Valuable practice-based knowledge  

First-hand advice is worth its weight in gold, above all when it is based on many years of experience: Our mentors’ store of knowledge encompasses their own experience of founding, many years practice in business and knowledge of risk capital. The mentors are CyberForum members.

The founders have several mentors who focus on different activities at their side during the work stage in CyberLab.

Bild: Daniel Karszt
Daniel Karszt

0721.602 897-31

Bild: Christian Kurrle
Christian Kurrle

+49 721.602 897-52

Bild: Oezer Kopdur
Oezer Kopdur

0721.602 897-50

Bild: Michael Rausch
Michael Rausch

+49 177 5156777

The strategy board

The strategy board is the jury which decides on the acceptance of founders in CyberLab and awards the “CyberLab Certified Enterprise” title at the end of the work stage. The strategy board is composed of CyberForum members who are characterised by their business expertise and a sound knowledge of entrepreneurship and risk capital topics.   

Bild: Prof. Dr. Orestis Terzidis
Prof. Dr. Orestis Terzidis

EnTechnon (KIT)

Bild: Dr. Oliver Mauss
Dr. Oliver Mauss

Investor, Mentor

Bild: Antje Leminsky
Antje Leminsky

Stellv. Vorstandsvorsitzende GRENKE AG

Bild: Andreas Hallwachs
Andreas Hallwachs

Geschäftsführer SWK Novatec GmbH

Bild: Dr. Joachim Bernecker
Dr. Joachim Bernecker

Business Angel

Bild: Anita Berres
Anita Berres

Berres Strategy Consulting

Bild: Elmar Buschlinger
Elmar Buschlinger

HighTech - HighTouch

Bild: Sven Häwel
Sven Häwel

Rank Me Up GmbH

Bild: Markus Hennig
Markus Hennig

Agile Partners GmbH

Bild: Dr. Friedrich Georg Hoepfner
Dr. Friedrich Georg Hoepfner

Hoepfner Strategie

Bild: Matthias Hornberger
Matthias Hornberger

Kizoo Technology Capital GmbH

Bild: Dr. Jakob Karszt
Dr. Jakob Karszt

Business Angel

Bild: Christian Roth
Christian Roth

Geschäftsführer LEA Partners GmbH

Bild: Ralph Suikat
Ralph Suikat

Gründer Fairantwortung gAG, Business Angel, Investor

Bild: Matthias Schürer
Matthias Schürer

Brauerbund Baden-Württemberg

Bild: Martin Hubschneider
Martin Hubschneider

CAS Software AG