#Smart Production Park

The new start-up incubator in southwest Germany

Cyberlab is expanding its facilities, adding the Smart Production Park, a new start-up and growth center for new companies, specialised in smart production.
It is currently being built on the site of the well-known Hoepfner brewery. Financed by the city of Karlsruhe and the federal state Baden-Württemberg and operated by CyberForum in cooperation with Karlsruhe’s department for Communal Business Development. The Smart Production Park is located in a prime inner-city location and surrounded by numerous attractive IT companies and research institutions.

Address #SmartProductionPark:

Rintheimerstr. 21-23

 76131 Karlsruhe

When does it open?

April 2021: Opening "Werkstatt10"
July 2022: Completion of the second construction phase
September 2022: Full completion and handover to CyberForum

What is the "Werkstatt10"?

Werkstatt10, part of the new incubator, is a production hall for heavy machinery with connections to high-voltage current and compressed air. Here, start-ups can get ready individually – working on machine prototypes, even up to small production lines. In the past, beer barrels from the Hoepfner brewery were stored in this building.

Who can move in?

Start-ups related to IT, AI, IT Security or Smart Production, not older than 5 years. Click here for more info about the Accelerator Program..

What’s your benefit?

  • Lots of room for experiments
  • Contact to over 300 CyberLab alumni
  • Network of 150 mentors
  • Get in touch with 1,200 companies
  • Free usage of meeting rooms
  • Roof terrace and event rooms
  • Prime, inner-city location

5400 sqm

Founder space in total

3300 sqm

Smart Production Park

500 sqm




Der #SmartProductionPark ist ein Gemeinschaftsprojekt der Wirtschaftsförderung Karlsruhe mit dem CyberForum. Finanziert wird der Bau von der Stadt Karlsruhe, dem Land Baden-Württemberg und dem Europäischen Fonds für regionale Entwicklung (EFRE).