Startups in the CyberLab

Experiment, fail, learn, repeat – these teams are already in the CyberLab and are working passionately on their business models. Meet our CyberLab alumni who have had valuable assistance from the Accelerator for their first difficult steps. 

auvisus – Automated visio

Two billion meals have to be paid for in German canteens annually. This does not only lead to long queuing times for customers, but also causes high costs for the operators. A solution that reduces labor costs and enables higher throughput during peak hours has to be established.
auvisus enables a self-checkout through artificial intelligence in image processing. The tray is placed beneath the camera, the algorithm detects the items and thus an automated payment system is established. 

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Gardion: Clean Internet for families

Gardion allows families to manage who has access to what and how long on the internet.Your eleven year old son is only allowed to spend one hour per day watching YouTube, but Spotify is okay the whole day? Grandma finally got her first iPad but needs some protection so she doesn't fall prey to simple internet scams? The architect who is travelling and working on the go on her Laptop and needs a trustworthy and secure filtered VPN? Gardion is the solution! 

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evoach - your selfcoaching app

Business-Coaching is expensive and time consuming. Therefore only employees in middle or upper management levels get access to business-coaching through their employers. With our web-based self coaching app we enable employers to offer coaching to all employees guaranteeing the same quality standards for all any time offering transparent cost structures. The users are guided through different solution-oriented coaching processes and tools depending on their overall topic. They are working on their personal solution and are defining and sheduling next steps. Thanks to an overall coaching availability within the company we not only support modern work approaches, grow employee satisfaction and motivation but can also offer a tool to prevent employee fluctuation. 

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SoftwareCantina: The portal for your on-site services.

Decreasing margins in the retail sector are leading to a necessary reorientation as a customer-oriented service provider. SoftwareCantina accompanies the retail trade in this reorientation with innovative software that makes the service process as simple as possible.

SoftwareCantina offers tailor-made solutions for the retail trade, from the initial determination of requirements to scheduling and successful installation. The services associated with the processing are also supported by the software. SoftwareCantina offers the application completely digitized, so that all parties involved can access relevant information at any time.

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Neohelden: Meet Neo, your digital assistant for business

Artificial intelligence will change the way we work. The Neohelden-team is convinced, that it can be changed for the better: With Neo, the digital assistant for business.

Neo connects users with their software and tools by acting as a single and easy-to-use interface to various systems. Thus, Neo represents an orchestrator, steering tools and processes in the background.

Complex software interactions, such as database queries, turn into intuitive questions: “What’s my budget?” – and Neo responds with a simple answer. Users can talk and write to Neo using a conversational interface (similar to a chatbot). You can think of Neo as Alexa or Siri, but for business. 

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STYNG: find your tattoo artist online

Over the last decades the concept of tattoos gained more and more acceptance in society and evolved to a trending product within many industries. Nonetheless it is still incredibly hard to get a good overview over the artists in one’s area.

With STYNG the user can easily browse and filter the surrounding artwork, find the perfect motif and book a suitable artist. The artists and studios are offered an additional marketing channel on which they can present their artwork and the corresponding venues in an easy and professional manner. Saving bees with artificial intelligence

The goal of is the preservation of biological diversity. Uncertainty regarding the consequences of human impact on urban and rural habitats should no longer be a reason for the loss of biodiversity. has developed a system for the visual monitoring of bees at the entrance of their hives. The images are analyzed using machine learning algorithms to indicate the health condition of the bee colonies and their surrounding enviroment. By aggregating the bio-monitoring information collected at different locations, we provide a tool for making more sustainable decisions regarding the design of cities, municipalities and agriculturally used areas.

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HQS Quantum Simulation: predicting material properties

HQS Quantum Simulations (HQS) is developing quantum algorithms to predict molecular properties for chemical and pharmaceutical companies. The HQS Software is hardware agnostic and works on conventional and state of the art quantum computers. As a consequence, we can accelerate research and development processes for our customers, widen the understanding of chemical and physical interactions which leads to better products and processes. Quantum computer will bring fundamental changes to the development of materials and drugs, Heisenberg will guide the costumers to profit from the new chances and minimize the risks of change - via information, pilot projects and quantum simulation of molecules and processes.

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Pitchview: Mobile software for B2B sales teams.

With Pitchview, sales reps can always access all important sales collateral (documents, data sheets, CAD files, ...). On tradeshows, new leads are captured with an OCR enabled business card scanner. The data is then enriched with additional information like revenue potential and buying intent. Relevant documents are sent in a personalized mail directly from the tradeshow. Employees at the booth and in the office can coordinate better through realtime synchronization. The captured data is consolidated in a backend and exported to existing CRM- and marketing automation systems. 

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Nesto: intelligent, demand-oriented staff planning

Nesto is a software solution enabling intelligent and demand-oriented staff planning. By using self-learning algorithms, Nesto automatically forecasts future staffing requirements by hour and uncovers over- and under-staffing already during scheduling. The integrated analysis of real-time sales data recognizes and alerts of upcoming staff shortages or over-staffings – before they even occur. Thus, Nesto enables its customers to optimize their staff utilisation and planning reliance.

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